• 2nd Croatian Congress on Forest Therapy

    Krka National Park / Šibenik,
    Sep 22 and 23, 2023.

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2nd Croatian Congress on Forest Therapy

Krka National Park / Šibenik, September 22 and 23, 2023. 


This year's 2nd Croatian Congress on Forest Therapy: Krka National Park / Šibenik, September 22 and 23, 2023. will be a meeting place for scientists from all over the world who will share, the newest findings of the effectiveness of Forest Medicine and Forest Therapy according to the settings of evidence-based medicine not only within the scientific and academic community but also with interested participants and the general public, the results of the latest scientific research conducted both in the Eastern and in the Western part od Academic Globe.

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Organizational Board

Jasna Vukas M.Sc. - President
Patrik Ciglenečki
Darko Vukelić M.Sc.

Scientific Board (alphabetic order)

Assoc. prof. Aleksandar Racz Ph.D., M.D. co - president
Prof. Krešimir Rotim Ph.D., M.D. co – president
Dijana Vuletić, Ph.D., co - president
Prof. Lorena Bašan, Ph.D.
Darija Cvikl, Ph.D.
Jadranka Roša, Ph.D.
Assoc. prof. Vanja Vasiljev, Ph.D.

Honorary Scientific Board (alph. order)

Amos Clifford (USA)
Prof. Won Sop Shin, Ph.D. (Republic Korea)
Assoc. prof. Laura Secco, Ph.D. (EU, Italy)
Prof. Qing Li, Ph.D, M.D. (Japan)

2023 keynote speakers

Clinical Professor of Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan
President of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine

The new concept of Forest Medicine and Forest Therapy

Prof. Qing Li, Ph.D, M.D

Chungbuck National University of Forest Science, Korea:

The current association and future of forest therapy practice and research in Korea

Prof. Won Sop Shin, Ph.D.

Croatian Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko, Croatia:

Recognition, assessment and management of forest ecosystem services

Dijana Vuletić, Ph.D

Vocation College of Hospitality, Wellness and Tourism, Bled, Slovenia:

The need for institutionalzation of forest therapy tourism practices

Darija Cvikl, Ph.D

Croatian Forest Research  Institute, Jastrebarsko, Croatia:

Forest of the Republic of Croatia – Gift and Obligation/ in the past, present and future

Tomislav Dubravec. Ph.D.

University  of Applied Health Science, Zagreb, Croatia:

Forest therapy from evidence based medicine perspective

Izv.prof. dr. sc. mult. Aleksandar Racz, dr.med.spec.

Savjetnik dekana za znanost i istraživanje

Koordinator specijalističkog diplomskog stručnog studija sanitarnog

Glavni urednik Journal of Applied Health Sciences - www.jahs.eu

e-mail: aleksandar.racz@zvu.hr; aracz@zvu.hr

mobilni telefon: 00 385 91 4595 722 / 00 385 91 2334 565

adresa: Zdravstveno veleučilište Zagreb, Mlinarska 38, 10 000 Zagreb,

CROSBI Profil: 14757,

MBZ: 191030

Scopus profile: 35776925200;

ORCID profile:


Prof. Assoc. Aleksandar Racz, Ph.D

principal CEO at Azienda per il Turismo Valsugana-Lagorai, Laghi, Italy :

Forest wellness and sustainability as part of a new tourist offer: The case of Valsugana – Trentino, Italy

Stefano Ravelli

University TESAF-Padova, Italy :

GREEN4C project and results

Prof.Assoc. Laura Secco, Ph.D

Metropolitan University Budapest, Hungary:

Nature and Wellbeing: Implication for Wellness Tourism

Prof. Melanie Kay Smith, Ph.D

Funder of Nature Connections India , Bangalore, India:

Importance of Forest Therapy for Corporate Leaders 

Vaishnavi Viswanathan, Msc


Forest  pathways to soul encounters

Amos Clifford

School of Medicine University of Rijeka - Mindfulness and Forest Therapy

Assoc. Prof. Vanja Vasiljev, Ph.D
Anđelko Topolovec
Ivana Hazulin Pospiš, M.Sc.of history





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Dear Jasna, dear Ernest, dear colleagues,

Thank you once again for inviting me to the 1st Croatian Congress on Forest Therapy, which was an excellent event as an organization, on a scientific level, and as an opportunity to meet interesting people with different expertise. I hope I made a small contribution, but I am sure I learned a lot.

With all my best wishes,

M. Z. Karagulle
M. Z. Karagulle

Dear Jasna, dear Ernest,

thank you so much for organizing this outstanding congress with so much sensitivity and competence. It was a very special experience and I wish you all the best with successful follow-ups.

All the best,

Dr. Melanie H. Adamek
Dr. Melanie H. Adamek

Thank you for this innovative congress

about implementing forest therapy in Croatia. I enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people (laymen, researchers) with whom I will stay in contact.

Dr. Gisela Immich
Dr. Gisela Immich

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jasna

and the organizing members. During the congress, I got very useful and valuable information and knowledge from presentations and discussions. I talked with many people from medical areas and was impressed with their efforts to implement forest therapy in their field.

Thanks again,

Won Sop Shin
Won Sop Shin

Everything was great

(five star event)!

Dr. prim. Gorana Isailović
Dr. prim. Gorana Isailović

It was a pleasure

to be a part of this great congress!

Dr. Anne Rabes
Dr. Anne Rabes

This has been a wonderful gathering

of leading innovators and researchers in forest therapy – I have learned a great deal and made many new friends – thank you for organizing this!

Amos Clifford
Amos Clifford

The forest hosted and embraced us during the symposium.

We left a part of ourselves in it, and in return received friendship and connection with people who think, feel and breathe as one. they say that life is not measured by the number of breaths, but by the number of moments when you run out of breath - and this was one such moment. 

Circles have been created that will bridge the boundaries that people have invented, and some new light is being born. 

May the Forest be with you 

Aleksandar Racz
Aleksandar Racz
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